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The Salmon River Restoration Council is a community-based non-profit group that works collaboratively to protect and restore the ecosystems of California's spectacular Salmon River. With the active participation of the local community, our projects focus on anadromous fisheries and the development of a sustainable economy. Strong community partnerships are essential to our work.
We provide assistance and education to the general public and cooperating agencies by facilitating cooperation between stakeholders.
SRRC’s programs include fisheries and water monitoring, noxious weed management, habitat restoration, fire and fuels management, watershed education, and more.
The Salmon River is part of the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion and boasts some of the most diverse and intact biological habitat in the Western US. It provides essential clean water and genetic stock for the troubled Klamath River fishery and is of great importance to the recovery of the larger Klamath River watershed.
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