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Mission Statement

Rural Vermont's mission is to lead the resurgence of community-scale agriculture through education, advocacy, and organizing in support of Vermonters living in deep connection to one another and to the land that nourishes us all.


Rural Vermont has a long history dating back to 1985, when a group of disenfranchised family farmers came together to amplify their voices, which were in danger of being lost in the winds of change sweeping our nation’s agriculture and food systems. That group of farmers founded Rural Vermont, and, over the intervening 34 years, this organization has worked toward economic, social, and ecological justice in agriculture, and within the greater food system. We are farmer-led, and proud of maintaining our integrity as family farm advocates, policy watchdogs, community organizers, and a valued and sought after conduit to Vermont’s family farmers.
Our Belief Statements:
· Vermont is stronger and more vibrant when we live and work in solidarity with one another
· Every farmer should have equal right to prosper
· Farming can heal the land
· Farmers are health care providers
· All Vermonters should have access to locally produced, nutrient dense food
· Healthy soil makes healthy humans

Program Details

How We Carry Out Our Work:
● We organize and advocate for public policy that supports ecological, social, and economic health. We have a regular presence in the State House, and prioritize communication with our constituency and farmer leaders to define priorities, strategize solutions, and mobilize action.
● We train farmers and community members to be effective citizen advocates. We offer customized support, as well as a State House series that provides folks with the skills, confidence, and support to navigate and influence the legislative process.
● We offer accessible information and support on complex public policy issues, helping farmers understand the opportunities and limitations of agricultural laws, and offering agricultural literacy resources to the general public. We offer workshops, fact sheets, and regular updates to our network, as well as field weekly inquiries.
● We cultivate community among our supporters through social and issue-based events. This has included victory parties, farm tours, panels, and more. As a result, our network is more deeply connected to each other and to Rural Vermont.
● We are actively engaged in about a dozen coalitions and working groups pursuing distinct, but related, agendas. In coalition with these other groups, we strategize how each of us can best leverage our unique resources, perspective, and experience to make collective gains.
● We view intersectional and broader justice issues (e.g. healthcare, pay equity, climate crisis) through the lens of agriculture, and bring the perspective of farmers to these conversations.
Primary Issue
Secondary Issue
Climate Change
46 East State St.
Montpelier, VT 05602
United States
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