Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean



Our mission is to clean and protect the ocean.
We address the whole water column and seek to develop and implement solutions to the problem of marine debris through: cleanup; engaging and inspiring education programs; technology and solutions-based research.
We operate from American Promise, the world's greenest sailing research vessel during the summer from NYC to the Gulf of Maine and with partner programs all over the US the rest of the year.
Rozalia Project pioneered the use of underwater robots to know what's on the seafloor, clean it up and connect people to the underwater world right at their feet in urban and coastal waters. We are also leaders in STEM education for the ocean (science, technology, engineering and math).
Our perfect 1% partnership is 3D and active - we have opportunities for your people to be part of our crew; to run cleanups together; share experiences, research and solutions with you and your partners and look for ways we can increase our impact!
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