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Rodale Institute aims to expand organic agriculture by assisting farmers in successfully transitioning to organic, conducting research on organic farming methods and their impact, and educating consumers on the benefits of organic for people and planet.


In 1940, JI Rodale, a successful businessman and entrepreneur, bought a 63-acre farm in Emmaus, PA to grow food for his family without using the harsh chemicals that had quickly gained popularity during WWII. From this little farm in eastern Pennsylvania, the international organic movement would flourish. JI figured out he needed to start with healthy soil to grow healthy food, so in 1947, he established the Soil and Health Foundation, which would later become the Rodale Institute. He set out to study how he could create healthy, nutrient-rich soil capable of growing crops that could feed the world for decades, and since then, Rodale Institute has upheld JI's commitment to healthy soil through our on-going research and continue to advance the mission every single day through three main efforts. We research the connection between soil health, plant health, and human health at our 333-acre organic farm in Kutztown, PA, through different trials and methods. This research is cited and utilized by soil scientists and farmers all over the world. To make our research even more accessible, we provide education, training, and consultations to established farmers transitioning to organic, and to those who have very little experience in agricultutre and want to learn the skills necessary to farm organically. For organic farming to make the biggest impact, however, we need to interact with consumers. Through our public outreach, social media appeals, and special events, we provide opportunities for the regional community to connect with us and learn more about the benefits of organic farming for their own health and the health of the planet.

Program Details

Regional Resource Centers: The ultimate goal of the regional resources centers is to increase the number of organic farms and acres in organic production by developing solutions for farmers and serving as a beacon of education and an aid to farmers considering transitioning to organic. We currently have resource centers in Marion, IA, Chattahoochee Hills, GA, and our newest resource center is locatein Ventura, CA.
Rodale Institute Approved: Rodale Institute Approved is Rodale Institute’s “seal of approval” on a product that has been grown or produced in a way that supports healthy soil, healthy people, and a healthy planet. Rodale Institute Approved represents a partnership between a brand that values regenerative organic practices and Rodale Institute, a global leader in regenerative organic research and education. These practices include pasture-based animal welfare, fairness for farmers and workers, and robust requirements for soil health and land management. These partnerships allow our organization to better educate consumers on why organic is the healthiest option for people and the planet. This is not a certification but rather a consumer-facing label and product endorsement awarded to select certified organic brands that are on a path towards embracing regenerative organic practices within the brand’s agricultural and supply chain practices.
Regenerative Health Institute: This facility, located on our 333-acre farm in Kutztown, PA, is designed to change the way we think about human health. Regenerative healthcare uses an organic, plant-based, whole-foods diet that works in harmony with nature to prevent disease and promote overall well-being. The Health Institute will supply innovative research on the links between farming and human health, culinary and nutrition education, a dynamic visitor and learning experience, and summits and seminars for global education. It will also be equipped with a rooftop farm, educational space, indoor and outdoor dining areas, commercial kitchen and cooking facilities, a digital conference space, office space, and interactive exhibits. The Institute is currently in the process of funding this space.
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Climate Change
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