Rewilding Britain



Our vision:
To see at least one million hectares in Britain supporting natural ecological processes for the benefit of people and nature
Our mission:
To demonstrate a model for rewilding that works at a scale new to Britain while providing opportunities for communities to flourish

Mission Statement

Our mission is to champion rewilding in Britain, acting as a catalyst for debate and action, and demonstrating the power of working with nature to tackle the climate emergency and the extinction crisis.

Program Details

An interconnected network of core rewilding areas and wildlife friendly mosaic landscapes is urgently required across Britain to enable species and communities to adapt and adjust their ranges in the face of the accelerating climate emergency.
Rewilding Britain is a pioneering charity that catalyses practical action and policy change to enable more rewilding, for the benefit of climate, biodiversity and communities. Rewilding cannot solve the climate or extinction crises on its own but it is a pivotal nature based solution to lock up millions of tonnes of CO2 and restore living systems.
We believe that rewilding can play a much more ambitious role in terms of scale and pace, to address the climate and ecological emergencies. So we are aiming to create ‘climate corridors’ that act to inspire, enhance and connect rewilding and nature-friendly land and marine uses across 30% of Britain by 2030. This is our primary focus for our work during 2020-2030.
Part of this vision includes a decentralised, distributed network of rewilding areas and individuals to catalyse change on the ground. Rewilding Britain has set up Britain's first ever dedicated Rewilding Network - a place for rewilding knowledge sharing and information, as well as a place to connect with other rewilders both geographically and virtually. The Rewilding Network will make rewilding happen faster, with better quality approaches, and in larger connected areas.

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Climate Change
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