Mission Statement

Uniting around the music we love, tackling the environmental and social issues we face, REVERB is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to empowering millions of individuals to take action toward a better future for people and the planet.


REVERB was founded in 2004 by environmentalist Lauren Sullivan and her musician husband, Adam Gardner of Guster.
REVERB partners with Musicians, Festivals and Venues to green their concert events while engaging fans face-to-face at shows to take environmental and social action.
We create and execute comprehensive programs to reduce concert and tour footprints from eliminating single-use water bottles to coordinating local farm food to fueling sustainable biodiesel in tour buses to composting and donating food waste and much more.
In our fan-facing Action Villages, concertgoers connect with local and national non profits and campaigns, fill up at our #RocknRefill free water stations, win prizes like signed guitars and ticket upgrades for taking action, and much more.

Program Details

REVERB's programs are as diverse as the artists with whom we work. REVERB brings issues to life on tours and at festivals to help the artist to share their passions and encourage activisim within their fan base. REVERB curates environmental and action programs for the likes of P!nk, Dave Matthews Band, Heart, Jack Johnson, Dead & Company, Zac Brown Band, and Shawn Mendes to name a few...
Additionally REVERB conducts various campaigns --
  • As part of our "No More Blood Wood" campaign, we have taken artists to the rainforests of Guatemala and Peru to look at how illegal logging -- especially as it pertains to tonewoods used in musical instruments-- effects the environment and the indigenous communities which rely on the forests. We bring this understanding and encourage fans to take action and ask where their wood is coming from, and to protect indigenous leaders defending these critical forests.
  • Our #RocknRefill campaign in partnership with Nalgene, offers music fans an alternative to single-use plastic water bottles which are one of the biggest sources of waste at live music events and an unmitigated environmental disaster. REVERB brings the water stations and staff to run the program and Nalgene provides custom-made reusable bottles so fans can stay hydrated without having to purchase single-use bottles. 100% of donations raised through the bottles go to support nonprofit organizations and causes.
  • REVERB's Farm-to-Stage program connects local farmers and artisans with tour chefs and local caterers putting local ingredients on the plates of artists and their crew in every community they visit. This practice reduces the amount of fuel and the associated emissions related to the transport of food items across the country or the world and puts dollars back into local economies while supporting community-scale agriculture.
  • Our Service Project program has allowed us to partner with dozens of artists including Maroon 5, Dave Matthews Band, Dispatch, Guster, Jason Mraz, Sheryl Crow, and many others on community projects across the country. The projects have ranged from tree plantings to community, beach and park cleanups to rehabbing a teen center, always with the focus on bringing together our music community to do something good for others.

Primary Issue
Climate Change
Secondary Issue
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