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Mission Statement

The rePurpose Global Impact Foundation endeavors to accelerate the fight against environmental pollution across the world to create a cleaner, healthier planet. The Foundation will enact a range of interventions that aim to empower the global ecosystem of innovators and solutions-providers in their efforts to solve all forms of pollution. Through our work, we will uphold the principles of creating inclusive, sustainable circular economies that prevent waste and pollution holistically, while ensuring dignified livelihoods for all involved.


What is rePurpose Global Impact Foundation?
rePurpose is a global movement of conscious consumers and businesses going Plastic Neutral. As the world's first Plastic Credit Platform, we make climate action delightfully simple for companies of all sizes by removing and recycling as much nature-bound plastic waste as you produce while embedding sustainability into your product experience to reach and retain purposeful consumers. It’s simple - for every $0.5 contributed to our platform, we guarantee to eliminate 1 kg of plastic waste otherwise destined for landfills, oceans, or incineration. We accomplish this through our Global Impact Network of vetted recycling projects and circular innovations across 6 countries and 3 continents, where we deploy crucially needed climate finance to scale up their impact.
1) Plastic Neutral Products: with us, you can take action that is good for your business and our planet in 3 easy steps:
1. We calculate your plastic use in 2 minutes with your product/sales stats
2. We compensate for your footprint by wiping out as much plastic waste from nature as you use through our vetted recycling projects
3. We help you run unique storytelling campaigns on plastic neutrality that help you differentiate and demonstrate authentic societal responsibility, overnight
2) Everyday Plastic Neutral: We add a tick-box at your e-commerce Point of Checkout where customers can add a few cents and erase the unique plastic footprint of their purchase that day. By enabling people to balance out the bad by doing an equal amount of good, you build goodwill with new customers and retain loyal ones - all at no cost to the business.
3) Buy a Product, Pull a Pound: For every product you sell, you can support us to eliminate 1 lb of plastic waste otherwise bound for the environment. In doing so, you can easily embed environmental impact into your offerings and instantly take a stance for our planet.
Why Plastic Offsets?
Brands have been looking for a more eco-friendly material to replace plastic in their packaging. But the truth is, plastic is a magical material with an impressively low environmental footprint. The problem with plastics doesn’t lie in the material itself, but in the way we manage it. When disposed of, recycled, or offset responsibly, the material proves to be much lighter on the environment than any other mainstream alternatives.
Trucost estimates that swapping plastic for alternatives such as glass, tin, or aluminum would increase environmental costs globally from $139 billion to $533 billion — that's taking into account ocean damage, end-of-life management, transportation, production, and material & energy recovery. Production of these materials causes much more damage to our planet than the plastic life cycle. The explanation behind this is multi-faceted, but a lot of it attributes to the higher weight of alternative packaging materials compared to plastic, thus dramatically increasing their production and transportation emissions.
This makes plastic offsets the best way for us to deal with the global plastic problem today. It is a scalable and effective stepping stone to a plastic-free world.

Program Details

Why choose rePurpose?
Our solution is scalable
Over the past year, we have built up a global community of Plastic Neutral brands and companies across 6 countries in food, beverage, health, beauty, and professional services. rePurpose has enabled the removal of over 150 tons of ocean-bound plastic waste across our vetted recycling projects in 3 continents and 6 countries (India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Kenya, Colombia, Haiti, Honduras).
We deliver impact effectively
rePurpose follows a rigorous impact verification process guided by the Plastic Neutral Protocol. The Plastic Neutral protocol is a comprehensive set of procedures and metrics followed to maximize the socioeconomic and environmental impact of rePurpose’s plastic compensation projects. It helps us ensure that our waste management partners’ operations are carried out in an ethical & efficient manner. Over and above this, Plastic Neutral projects also have internal verification mechanisms - our staff embedded in the supply chain ensure that the procedures are being followed as planned. Client spot-checks and external audits are also employed for extra measure.
Rich storytelling resources to elevate your brand
In addition to the impact we create on the ground, we also help build sustainable brands. rePurpose works to elevate your brand image to effectively communicate the impact you are creating in the world. Plastic Neutral brands are entitled to the official "Plastic Neutral Certified" logo used on your product to validate the partnership and establish your sustainable image in the minds of consumers.
We have experience with other 1% For The Planet Businesses
Having worked with 1% For The Planet Businesses in the past, rePurpose is familiar with the requirements of and array of business models. We can help you pursue sustainability in a way that best suits the needs of your brand. Additionally, we also offer a complimentary marketing kit worth $2K exclusively to 1% For The Planet Businesses - the kit will accelerate the creation and distribution of microsites, press releases, social media collaterals, and other engaging communication strategies that have proven successful in delivering the sustainable initiative announcement.
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