Reforest The Tropics


Mission Statement

OUR PURPOSE: To make a tangible contribution to global sustainability through education and applied research on carbon-offset farm forests in the tropics.


We work to mitigate climate change through sustainable forestry and long-term, verifiable carbon sequestration. We have developed a comprehensive and holistic forestry model to offset CO2 emissions by converting deforested tropical lands to biologically and economically sustainable new farm forests. Our forests fix and sequester CO2 each year for long-term storage. Forest sponsors can claim the CO2 that is sequestered in our forests to offset the emissions generated by their business or family activities. We have over 50 years of research experience in tropical forestry plantations and partnering with local farmers.

Program Details

We believe in a market-based approach to address the issue of climate change. By making the project financially competitive with alternative land use activities AND by designing the forest to be regenerative, the likelihood that the forest will be standing in 100 years is far more favorable than other reforestation models.
RTT reforests tropical pastures with tree species that grow quickly, form straight trees, and produce valuable lumber. RTT’s managed forests are designed to be profitable for farmers and highly effective at sequestering CO2 emissions.
In the RTT model, forests are funded by US emitters to sequester their CO2 emissions and are managed under long-term contracts with RTT. These profitable forests will earn income for the farmer even while building up stocks of CO2 stored in the forest stand for the account of the US sponsor.
In order to prepare informed and capable citizens and leaders, we deliver comprehensive climate change education to students throughout the region. The program compliments STEM-related principles consistent with the Next Generation Science Standards and relies on an experiential learning model to create a memorable and rewarding experience.
We work with schools and teachers to help them share knowledge on the importance of mitigating climate change. Our education, awareness & engagement tools aim to get students involved with idea of carbon sequestration.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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