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Our world faces many environmental challenges that demand we create long-term solutions. Rampant deforestation, loss of biodiversity, climate change––each one presents their own inherent difficulties. However, there are ways to address these complex issues simultaneously.
Rainforest Partnership's model is based on two of the strongest approaches to protecting rainforests, their biodiversity, and mitigating climate change.
Working directly with local and indigenous communities in the Amazon, Rainforest Partnership creates sustainable livelihoods and conservation areas that enable them to protect their rainforest.

Mission Statement

Rainforest Partnership conserves and restores tropical rainforests by working with communities to develop sustainable livelihoods that empower and respect both people and nature.

Program Details

  • Created a protected area spanning 50,000 acres with the Amahuaca people deep in the Peruvian Amazon at the border of Brazil, while also creating a natural resource management plan and the first book in the Amahuaca language that was officially recognized only two years ago. In 2021, our work will expand to working with the Amahuaca and five other indigenous peoples.
  • Developed an immersive biodiversity conservation management course for the Regional Government of Ayacucho in Peru and trained 66 people across regional and local governments and community leaders.
  • Our Peru team curated over 15 webinars on Facebook Live for RP Peru or World Biodiversity Day, World Environment Day, World Rainforest Day, and World Oceans Day and engaged over 50,000 viewers during the pandemic with panels from national, regional and local governments, and scientists.
  • Published printed Guides for Amphibian and Reptiles of Pampa Hermosa in Peru and distributed to local communities.
  • Published two photo books each covering a different region in Peru in partnership with the National Park Service of Peru.
  • Received official approval of the Regional Action Plan for the Yellow Tailed Monkey and the Nocturnal Andean Monkey in Amazonas in February 2020, and implementation of these plans is helping protect these two species and their forest habitat across 13 protected areas.
  • Completed the comprehensive diagnosis of research in Forestry, Flora and Fauna in the Amazonas Region in Peru, an area spanning 9.7 million acres, which will inform future conservation efforts as well management plans and conservation education.
  • Without funding in 2020, our team improvised and initiated work through virtual workshops and innovative partnerships with the conservation group Red AMA. Together our teams are working with 10 communities to strengthen management of their protected areas spanning 316,830 acres.
  • Rainforest Partnership is working with 70 indigenous women in the Ecuadorian Amazon across six communities to establish long-lasting, sustainable incomes. This project is projected to empower 70 women, restore approximately 50,000 acres of tropical forest, and generate income for 6 indigenous communities and over 80 families in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
Global Engagement
  • Rainforest Partnership created World Rainforest Day on June 22nd, 2017. In 2020, we convened over 100 partners across 6 continents and 26 million people globally engaged.
  • On World Rainforest Day 2020, we launched our youth focused initiative Gen Z for the Tress that activates their generation to take meaningful action by spreading a message of hope and inspiration through blogs and social media.
  • Films for the Forest, our international short film competition, went global in 2020. and Wwe live streamed films from 20 countries to an audience spanning all seven continents on Earth Day.
See our 2019 Annual Report here.
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