Queens Beekeepers Guild, Inc.


Mission Statement

The below Mission Statement was taken directly from our corporate by-laws:
(a) to become a gathering center for local beekeepers to share their experiences, knowledge and resources.
(b) to educate the public concerning the necessity of protecting honeybees and native pollinators.
(c) to maintain awareness of all local, state, and national laws related to beekeeping, production and marketing of honey, wax and other products using and/or containing products from the keeping of honeybees.
(d) to educate beekeepers about current trends in all aspects of beekeeping.
(e) to serve as a resource in the community for addressing problems and concerns about honeybees, and how honeybees differ from other stinging insects.
(f) to present educational programs in schools and for the general public.


We were formed to help educate local beekeepers about beekeeping in our urban environment. We also will educate the public about honeybees and other pollinators, and their importance to the environment.

Program Details

Our project right now is to get together a membership drive and to find venues where we can bring our message to our neighbors.
We need to build our website as the person(me) doing so is self-taught and very good at it.
We need to finish getting together our yearly event The NYC Honey Festival which will be on 9/14/19 in Rockaway Beach, NY
Our board has a list of small community based programs in mind but we first need to have members will to volunteer their time to help.
Primary Issue
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