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Mission Statement

Turn passionate outdoors people into effective climate advocates to affect systemic solutions to climate change.


Protect Our Winters (POW) is an international climate organization based in the winter sports community. As the first sub-organization of Protect Our Winters, Protect Our Winters Norway was started in 2013. We do impact work with the goal of engaging people, organizations and businesses in structural and political change to mitigate climate change. This is done through informational campaigns, and activities directly related to the reduction of emissions individually or with our partners. The goal of POW is for the winter sports and outdoor community to lead in the fight against climate change in order to preserve winter and winter culture for as long as possible.
We do this by:
  • Inform: Share information about human-caused climate change and make it easily accessible and understandable. To achieve this we use our athlete and science ambassadors, Riders Alliance and Science Alliance, and others to share relevant and engaging stories. We make complex information easily accessible in our various channels and through activities, social media, articles and public dialogue.
  • Engage: Be present at various events to engage people to take an active part in fighting the problem. We are present at various winter festivals, and also at local events around Norway. Our Riders Alliance are inspirational people who are role models and inspire to preserve the environment.
  • Facilitate: Make it easier for people to make the right choices in their everyday lives. We collaborate with known scientists, climate organizations and other relevant actors to provide relevant information, organize events and coordinate campaigns.

Program Details

To learn more about our work for the upcoming years, please visit and download the POW Europe 2020-2023 Strategic Plan
Primary Issue
Climate Change
Secondary Issue

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