Portland Fruit Tree Project


Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase equitable access to healthful food and strengthen communities by empowering neighbors to share in the harvest and care of city-grown produce.


Portland Fruit Tree Project is a grassroots 501(c)(3) non-profit gleaning organization that provides a community-based solution to a critical and growing need in Portland and beyond: access to healthy food. By empowering neighbors to share in the harvest and care of urban fruit trees, we are preventing waste, building community knowledge and resources, and creating sustainable ways to obtain healthy, locally-grown food.
Through our Harvest Program and Community Orchards, we strive to improve the quality of life for people in Portland through the shared harvest and equitable distribution of one of our city’s greatest natural resources: fresh fruit!

Program Details

Current programs include:
Backyard Harvests - going to homeowners' and businesses' properties to harvest fruit trees for public benefit.
DIY Harvests - empowering neighbors to harvest their own trees and donate to community or organizations.
Community Orchards - volunteer lead public orchard sites where anyone can pick fruit they can use.

Value of fruit donated to food banks: $520,000

Pounds of fruit harvested: 402,386

Volunteers engaged: 11,623

Trees harvested: 3,992

Harvesting events coordinated: 769

Community Orchards created: 5

Community orchards currently: 4

Primary Issue
5431 NE 20th Ave
Portland, OR 97211
United States
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