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At Plastic Tides, we believe that plastic is a starting point to open discussion around all aspects of sustainability, and that sharing everyday solutions to the issue will inspire the next generation. By starting with youth, a circle of education is born, where the students eventually become the teachers, inspiring generations to come. Through our Global Youth Mentorship (GYM) Program, Youth Leaders and their assigned Mentor will pursue an individual project which focuses on creating a lasting positive impact in their school or community. Each project will have exponential effects, with impacts expanding globally. GYM empowers youth to be leaders of change; with the right tools and support, individual Youth Leaders can have an enduring and widespread impact.

Mission Statement

At Plastic Tides, we inspire and catalyze action toward a plastic-free future by combining adventure, education, and youth empowerment.

Program Details

Plastic Tides’ current focus is on the expansion of our Global Youth Mentorship (GYM) Program. The purpose of the GYM Program is to provide motivated Youth Leaders the tools, agency, and support to pursue independent projects that create lasting impact in their school or community.  The results of each Youth Leaders’ projects are rooted in numbers, with the quantifiable aspect of our projects one of the strengths of the Program. The nature of our proven project models allows us to confidently calculate how much plastic is successfully diverted from the landfill, and therefore the amount of plastic kept away from our oceans and waterways. Since 2014, we have kept 2 million plastic utensils out of landfills and waterways as a result of our Youth Leaders’ projects, and we plan to continue on this trajectory as we further scale the Program. The GYM Program has a two-fold effect: directly reducing the amount of plastic which enters the waterways as pollution, and inspiring the next generation to take action. The Youth involved in the GYM Program will be prepared to lead the fight against climate change as they gain skills in communication and goal-setting, as well as the tools to work to achieve their goals. 
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