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Mission Statement

We aim to educate Canadians to become plastic literate, so they can make informed decisions about how and when they accept plastic and challenge society’s perception that this indestructible substance can be treated as ‘disposable’. 
We must solve the problem within a Generation
Our Charitable Purposes:
To promote the conservation and protection of the natural aquatic environment in Canada (and the world) for the benefit of the public by educating the public on the dangers of plastic waste by:
  • producing and distributing educational films, videos, documents, and other informative materials and resources; and
  • presenting lectures, workshops, seminars and group discussions.
  • To carry out activities ancillary and incidental to the above charitable purposes


Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada founded in late 2016, is a Federally established Non-Profit Organization, and Registered Canadian charity based in Vancouver B.C.
Educating | Inspiring | Protecting
We are a Plastic Awareness Coalition, utilizing the power of film and other media to educate Canadians to “rethink plastic” and inspire behavioral change. Working in collaboration with like-minded organizations across Canada and other Plastic Oceans Foundations worldwide we are combining efforts to solve a global problem through local action.

Program Details

Run Against Plastic

Canada’s largest clean-up in history

Join us for a national tour following Andy Sward and his 4th time running across Canada cleaning up litter across our beautiful country.
To learn more about his 2019 efforts you can check out @millionbottlepledge
Key Education and Plastic Solution Initiatives for 2019
School Education – Adopt a School Program
We have created a short versions (22 minutes) of the award-winning feature documentary “A Plastic Ocean” that can be implemented into a 1 hour workshop or as part of a multi-lesson plan…….Our graphically engaging educational guide, efficiently and effectively introduces the problem of plastic pollution, encourages students, of all learning groups and ages, to rethink plastic and engages students to creatively think of solutions…
Youth Education Through Film Our international organization is also in the final stages of completion on a new short film that is targeted for kids aged 5 to 10-years-old. This 22-minute film, along with a supporting Education & Discussion Guide and infographics, will be made available to schools and youth organizations at no cost. It will serve as a powerful tool for teachers and students to engage with each other on the issue of plastic pollution.
*Allocation of Funds:
With our 22 min film versions we are targeting to reach over 20,000 students through our school education programs across Canada in 2019. Our new youth film will allow us to focus on all school levels from Elementary through Middle and Secondary class levels. …Funds will be used to produce a new “Education Resource Pack” to facilitate additional school activities and workshops. …We will also create a “Student Enterprise” model at the Secondary school level to create a business plan while developing critical thinking and writing skills.
Facilitator Education for Schools and Communities
This ties in with all of our awareness efforts, especially those that are outlined in this document. It is essential for us to continue to develop a team of people that can serve as educators or ambassadors – and inspirational leaders – on the topic of plastic pollution. These are our true champions … those that can best engage on the issue with their local schools and communities, and in local languages. We are in need of funds to better organize this effort, and most importantly, to expand it Canada wide
*Allocation of Funds:
We are in need of funds to better organize this effort, and most importantly, to expand our reach. With the guidance of a certified educator (funds will help support the cost of this consultant). …We will produce an education manual for, outlining key facts, best practices, suggested material, expectations and goals and conduct training sessions …We will also conduct training sessions via video conferencing or in person …We will also produce a new 30minute video and guide for in person delivery of presentations at schools and communities. Presentations will focus on our foundations’ work           and who we engage with locally. …After the initial training is completed, school educators and ambassadors will have access to an online resource folder that is updated regularly, providing them with all the             latest news and facts about plastic pollution.
Our goal is to expand the number of educators and ambassadors to reach schools and communities across Canada.
Pilot a small grants program through a flagship program
Seek local organzations across Canada to implement reel infrastructure working towards waste plastic remediation, recovery and reduction.
Incentive • Income generating opportunities for the local organization • Local processing of waste plastics found on clean-ups and generated in town to produce a range of items such as local interest collectables and branded recycling collection           bins • Tourist point of interest and related engagement opportunities.
Create a National Database listing all organizations in Canada working on Waste Plastics and Developing New Solutions to Rethink Plastic
*Allocation of Funds:  
Creation of a main resource for information on plastics in Canadian oceans and the environment, available for anyone interested in Canadian or local plastic issues and solutions from academics, students and policy experts. Database to be available through Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada’s website
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