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Plastic Change is working hard to break the exponential growth of plastic pollution.
Plastic is everywhere – on land and in water. Three generations of plastic-use have left its tracks. Only a fraction of it is recycled or destroyed. The rest remains in nature for hundreds of years.
We are ambitious, because the challenge is tremendous !

Mission Statement

Future generations have to live and feed themselves in an environment without plastic pollution, in a future where plastic is sustainable.
Plastic Change is working to start a movement – locally, nationally and globally, leading to the fulfillment of our vision. This will happen through documentation, education, and solutions, focusing on plastic pollution – opposite and in cooperation with the population, corporations and politicians.

Program Details

How can we use less plastic and how can we use it smarter than we do today? We work both nationally and internationally to change the development
Furthermore, since January 2019 Plastic Change has been a member of the Steering Committee of the global movement Break Free From Plastic, which involves more than 1300 organizations worldwide, envisioning a future free from plastic pollution.
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Climate Change
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