Planète Urgence


Mission Statement

Planète Urgence, state-approved NGO, supports rural populations in the protection and sustainable exploitation of their environment through technical, financial and human accompanying support.
Our teams collaborate in the implementation of economically feasible activities - through partnership with local organizations – to ensure the populations long-lasting revenues and a better protected environment, in countries greatly exposed to climate disorders.
All the projects are built in cooperation with - and carried out by - the local partners, involving the populations with the objective of strengthening skills aiming at self-sufficiency.


We lead two main activities : volunteering and reforestation.
Why reforest? According to GIEC report reforesting is one of the key-solutions to fight against climate change.
Thanks to each and everyone’s involvement Planète Urgence has planted over 8 million trees since 2006.

Program Details

Primary Issue
Climate Change
Secondary Issue
15 rue de la Fontaine au Roi
Paris, null 75011
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