Peninsula Streams Society


Mission Statement

Peninsula Streams Society helps coordinate stream restoration and habitat conservation on the Saanich Peninsula. We provide our associated groups with the technical expertise and resources to help achieve their goals.
Our goal is to achieve healthy aquatic habitat that supports self-sustaining populations of native species in both freshwater and marine environments. We accomplish this objective through research, restoration, innovative projects, public education and private land stewardship.


The purposes of Peninsula Streams Society are:
  1. To develop, organize and participate in environmental projects and programs on the Saanich Peninsula and surrounding areas that will:
  • monitor, preserve and restore flora and fauna
  • monitor, preserve and restore rivers, creeks and watersheds, marine environments and near-shore environments
  • conserve, re-use and reduce water and waste
  • improve the urban and rural/agricultural environments
  1. To educate and increase the understanding of the public, environmental organizations, government and the press about environmental preservation and restoration and their importance, by offering workshops, seminars, training and lectures.
  2. To conduct research relating to the environment and disseminate the results of such research.

Program Details

Since its formation in 2002, the Peninsula Streams Society has actively pursued its goal of restoring and protecting healthy aquatic ecosystems. A primary objective is to improve the ecological sustainability of watersheds. These dynamic natural systems are critical to the health of streams and other freshwater ecosystems and near-shore marine areas. We support more than 13 local stewardship groups, whose members contribute thousands of hours annually restoring streams, collecting water samples, releasing salmon fry and much more. Our environmental education programs reach more than 1,200 students at 15 schools annually. Restoring salmon stocks through stream restoration and habitat conservation projects is central to our purpose. We plan, fundraise for and implement these projects in partnership with local stakeholders and stewardship groups.
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