PCC Farmland Trust


Mission Statement

We are PCC Farmland Trust, a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) land trust working to protect and steward threatened farmland in Washington. We aim to keep land in production by making it accessible to future generations of farmers.


Our Vision
We believe in a farming future, and work every day to create one for the next generation.
Guiding Principles
  • Farmland is a precious and limited natural resource.
  • Well-managed farmland benefits all of us. It promotes soil health, water conservation, habitat protection, and climate resiliency. It produces healthy food, keeps rural economies thriving, and connects us to the natural world.
  • Farmers value the social good that the land can contribute to the health of our communities and the environment. Without them, the benefits of the land aren’t possible.
How We Work
We remove development potential from farmland, protecting its natural resources forever. We partner with farmers to ensure protected land is stewarded into the future.
To keep land in production, we work to understand the challenges that farmers face – from land affordability and broken succession to historic or current inequities. Guided by this understanding, we break down land access barriers and support the long-term viability of local farming communities.
Our History
As of June 2019, PCC Farmland Trust has conserved 23 farm properties across Washington, totaling 2,548 acres and supported dozens of local farm businesses. Through the Our Farms, Our Future campiagn, we are focusing and accelerating our efforts in order to protect Puget Sound's most vulnerable farmlands, before they are lost for good. We are on track to protect another 1,500 acres by 2020.

Program Details

Farmland Conservation
We protect farmland forever by working with landowners to remove their farm’s development potential, or by purchasing at-risk farmland with the goal of leasing or selling it to a local farmer. In both scenarios, we use tools like conservation easements to make farmland more affordable.
Farmland Stewardship
To ensure the land we protect thrives into the future, we support farmers in their pursuit of sustainable and organic farming practices. From annual monitoring to restoration, our stewardship work allows us to uphold our responsibility as an accredited land trust, and reflects our commitment to farmers and their land for the long haul.
Community Enagement
We host farm tours, harvest festivals, tree plantings, and our On the Farm series in ordet to connect supporters with local farmers, offer opportunities for volunteers to get their hands dirty, and learn more about conservation and sustainable farming in person.
Farm to Farmer
Carefully stewarded farmland nourishes our communities, fuels our economy, and restores our soil, air, and water. Without hard-working hands, farmland isn’t farmland. That is why we have expanded the ways in which we carry out our mission by working to better connect farmers to working land. Farm to Farmer enables new and expanding farmers to connect with the land opportunities they need to grow their businesses. At the same time, it helps retiring farmers transfer their land to the next generation.
Primary Issue
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