Passivhaus Maine


Mission Statement

Mission: PassivhausMAINE is a non-profit organization committed to decreasing carbon emissions, dependency on fossil fuels and the costs for winter heating in Maine. It works to support the passive house industry and community in Maine, North America and internationally.


passivhausMAINE has a eight year history of supporting practitioners in the field, building and designing urban and rural buildings. With a committment to details including airtightness, insulation and low energy appliances, passive house buildings can reduce the amount of energy by up to 90% , reducing carbon emissions, energy costs and increasing indoor air quality and health of the occupants and creating resiliant shelter in extreme weather events--at no to minimal extra upfront expense. passivhausMAINE also promotes carbon sequestering building materials and supports a sustainably managed forest industry in Maine.
We specialize in partnering with existing organizations while raising the bar and advocating for a highest performance building which will help us attain our 2030 and 2050 carbon goals.

Program Details

passivhausMAINE hosts an Annual meeting every Fall, multiple sitewalks, openhouses and lectures and networking events throughout the year.
passivhausMAINE is the home of the 50 Houses project, a developing research project to reduce time and costs of renovation of existing buildings. This is a critical piece of our carbon quandry as currently the cost of retrofits rival new construction. Conservation of materials-as well as community and culture, dictates a commitment to existing buildings rather than starting from scratch. passivhausMAINE, in partnership with academic and industry partners, hopes to find, document and share solutions.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
Secondary Issue
139 South Freeport Rd
Freeport, ME 04032
United States
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