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Mission Statement

Our purpose is to build wildlife corridors that protect biodiversity and connect people to their land and ocean.
Our mission is to restore and protect the Pacific Slope ecosystems of Central America. These habitats include the endangered dry tropical forest, mangrove wetlands, and eastern Pacific coral reefs.
Our innovative approach protects biodiversity in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Costa Rica. By working with local communities, landowners, and partner organizations, we restore and protect the habitats that form building blocks for wildlife corridors.


  • Rebuild and Protect Wildlife Habitat We empower local people to restore habitats and protect threatened wildlife. Together with communities, we are planting trees, protecting forests, and managing reefs. Projects in this area include: coral reef monitoring, sea turtle protection, endangered parrot, macaw, and spider monkey protection by community rangers, and reforestation efforts to restore over 2000 hectares of tropical dry forest habitat.
  • Transform Human Lives with Face-to-Face OutreachResearch shows that personal interactions inspire behavior change. With your support, we give people tools and training to improve their livelihoods. We also work with children to build empathy towards nature. Our Junior Ranger program provides rural youth with a year-long curriculum that leads to their involvement in citizen-science projects monitoring birds, mammals, and supporting their communities. And our coordination of the International Coastal Clean-up in two Central American countries makes a large impact in the fight against plastic pollution.
  • Accomplish Lasting and Broad Change We make long-term improvements across the Pacific Slope of Central America by finding and addressing the root causes of environmental problems and working across social and ecological systems to solve them. Poverty is a major challenge to biodiversity conservation and our programs in native bee meliponiculture (honey production), oyster aquaculture led by women, community-based ecotourism and agroforestry of botanical products (balsam) are helping to reverse poverty and protect biodiversity.

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