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Mission Statement

Our Mission - To sustain America’s forests for all of their benefits of wood, water, wildlife, and people’s well-being, in cooperation with landowners and communities.
Our Vision - We envision a vast, vital, and resilient landscape of forests across the United States that is at least as extensive as today’s. The critical infrastructure of interconnected and interdependent privately and publicly owned forests must be sustained to provide society with the suite of goods and services we need from healthy forest ecosystems, including the wood, water, wildlife, and well-balanced climate essential to a livable planet.
We are dedicated to creating a society that values forests for all they provide. Our work will help people better understand that, no matter where they live, they are dependent on the productivity of these ecosystems. While we believe forests should be conserved because of their fundamental contributions to life on earth, we recognize market and social forces have driven increased loss and fragmentation of private forestlands. Therefore, we will work to better align financial markets and social values with forest ecosystems, and to help markets more fully reflect the value of forest goods and services. We will work to create an economy in which forests are treated as an asset to appreciate, not to deplete, and in which people embrace conservation of forests as being in their self-interest.


Since our founding in 1993, Pacific Forest Trust has epitomized innovation, daring, and a savvy understanding of market forces to create new economic incentives that reward private forest owners for conserving their lands and practicing sustainable forestry.
We’re a visionary think-and-do-tank of scientists, conservationists, policy wonks, entrepreneurs, and outdoor enthusiasts that have helped shape forest conservation and climate policy. Working closely with other forest stakeholders, from landowners to agencies to environmental nonprofit partners, we create and advance high-leverage, catalytic strategies that engage the commitment, imagination, and resources of many individuals, businesses, and organizations to make it easier and more rewarding to do good things for the forests—and forest landowners—on which we all depend.
Our work empowers landowners and communities to become the long-term stewards of natural resources, and to care for wildlife habitats, understanding how protecting wildlands directly benefits people, animals, water security, and climate resilience.
  • brings specific expertise to solving the challenge of conserving forest landscapes across ownerships, which is essential to well-functioning forests and key to addressing climate change.
  • plays a unique role, bridging the forestry, conservation, sustainability and environmentalist communities, to find common ground in protecting forests.
  • Works effectively with a broad coalition of landowners, foresters, policymakers, agencies, community leaders, and NGOs.
PFT is a recognized, national leader in developing and promoting innovative climate policies and incentives-based revenue streams, grounded in forest conservation. We;
  • pioneered the use of working forest conservation easements—proven, effective conservation tools that provide economic incentives for landowners to sustainably manage and conserve their forests.
  • developed climate policy inclusive of working forests, the forest carbon market and the inclusion of watersheds in water system infrastructure as new means of financing forest and watershed conservation.
Our proven track record of implementing tangible, practical and innovative solutions, in partnership with forest landowners, includes;
  • Conserving over 275,000 acres of vital forestland in the Pacific Northwest. We currently hold 32 conservation easements covering 105,000 acres in CA and OR, and manage four working forests as models of our forestry approach.
  • Leading the inclusion of forests in CA’s groundbreaking climate law (AB 32), both demonstrating the viability of forest-based emissions reductions projects, leading the development of CA’s emissions reductions project protocols, and then also building a robust, sector-based state investment strategy in forest health and resilience, and
  • PFT’s work has been recognized by government agencies, philanthropies, and fellow nonprofit organizations. We’ve received the EPA’s Climate Protection Award for our landmark work in leveraging forests to help first climate change, the Irvine Foundation Leadership Award and the Kingsbury Brown Award from the Land Trust Alliance.

Program Details

PFT creates and advances strategies that cultivate commitment, imagination, and resources to make it easier and more rewarding to give back to forests that give so much to us. We have helped shape regional and national forest conservation and climate policies, all in an effort to:
Conserve Forests - We work with landowners to conserve well-managed forests, building resilient landscapes.
Advance Climate Solutions - We protect, restore, and sustain forests to mitigate climate change and help species adapt.
Protect Water Sources - We ensure water security by protecting forests that provide life-sustaining water to millions.
Save Wildlife Habitat - We conserve and restore habitat to protect the animals and plants that depend on forests.
Learn more about our Forest Conservation Projects - Focused on conserving the 60% of America’s forests that are privately owned and most threatened by development and fragmentation, we protect the natural resources provided by forests, save wildlife habitat, and create economic value for forested lands beyond the traditional marketplace.

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Climate Change
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