Our Sea of East Asia Network


Mission Statement

Protection of Our Global Marine Environment by Linking Science and Citizens


Our Sea of East Asia Network (OSEAN) is a non-profit, civic group and, a research institute. It is established to protect the marine environment from marine litter pollution through investigation, research, education, policy development, and international cooperation.

Program Details

● Research and survey of marine litter
- Marine litter monitoring
- Developing government policy
● Education/Awareness programs
- International Coastal Cleanup
- Developing Education/Awareness program materials
● Developing marine environmental policy
- Developing methods of public participation
● Supporting other civic movements
- Cooperation on related issues: Whales, Wetlands, Marine Protected Areas
● International Cooperation
- Asia Pacific Civil Forum on Marine litter
- Cooperation with international organizations: NOWPAP, COBSEA, PEMSEA, etc.
- Involvement in international marine environmental conventions
Primary Issue
210, Daim Sol County, 23-57, Jung-nim3Ro, Gwangdo
Tongyeong, Gyeongnam, null 53020
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