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Mission Statement

Organic Soup Kitchen provides plant based oncology nutrition and addresses food insecurity to a diverse demographic of individuals struggling with the effects of cancer and chronic illnesses.
Our vision is to be a scalable model to non-profits in communities where the most vulnerable are at risk. We train others in our unique techniques and practices of nutrient-dense soup processing, and we operate as a social enterprise to ensure sustainability while increasing community and social impact.


Since 2009, Organic Soup Kitchen’s Cancer Recovery Program (CRP) has provided plant based oncology nutrition & relief to low-income food insecure individuals from a diverse demographic struggling with the effects of cancer and chronic illnesses. Our researched soup meals aid, strengthen, & support fragile immune systems during cancer treatments and recovery. All of our programs are designed to train others in our environmentally conscious techniques and practices of acquiring organic produce and the processing and packaging of our nutrient-dense soup meals.
Each week with work with local organic farmers to procure the produce for our soup meals. We have a special approach where we take the excess produce that would otherwise go wasted, from farmers and cook it chill and and store it for a later date or for our soups the following week.
We are the sole non-profit organization that provides organic soup meals (plant based, organic and gluten free) and produce to low-income cancer patients, seniors, and those with chronic illnesses through our Cancer Recovery Program on the Central Coast of California. We have over 20 volunteer delivery drivers that deliver directly to our clients’ doorstep at no cost or on a sliding scale based on affordability. Due to the nature of cancer the effects it causes are extreme nausea and dysphasia (throat pain) making it difficult for our clients to swallow.

We work tirelessly to ensure that our soups lower inflammation, balance blood sugars, and improve circulation, based on scientific studies and data base results from our clients. We have provided over 1 million bowls of soup since our inception in 2009--celebrating our decade of service to this community.
Together we hope to reach those suffering most from Cancer and food insecurity this upcoming year so they have the same opportunity like us, to eat healthy, organic, plant based meals to keep their immune systems healthy and whole.

Program Details

We have six strategic initiatives:
1. Low-Income Cancer Recovery and Chronic Illness Initiative
2. Food Security Initiative
3. Nutrient-Dense Soups and Restricted Oxygen Packaging Initiative
4. Volunteer Training and Certification Program
5. Delivery Service Initiative
6. Concscious Caregiving Initiative
For more information about our strategic initiatives please click here
Primary Issue
Secondary Issue
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