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Mission Statement

Ocean First Institute is a non-profit organization with the mission of ocean conservation through research and education. Our organization is unique because we value the synergy between research and education. The purpose of our research is to protect ocean wildlife and critical habitats. We use the stories and experiences from our field work to educate and inspire young people in classrooms all over the world. 


Our goal is ocean conservation through research and education. We educate and empower future generations to preserve our ocean and become future leaders in conservation. We do this by connecting youth with the wonders of the ocean and the importance of hands-on conservation through programming that highlights scientific exploration. Our in-person and virtual education programs have already inspired over 110,000 students across the world to take action within their local communities while our field-based research expeditions have exposed students to the rigors of the scientific process and how it contributes to the real-world value of conservation.

Program Details

We focus on youth experiential learning and education because we recognize that young people are our future. Our core mission is to impart knowledge and provide experiences for youth to engage in meaningful marine science. We accomplish this through our local hands-on programming, international virtual outreach, as well as our youth expeditions. Our programs are built around students working alongside passionate marine scientists and educators in both the classroom and the field.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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