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Mission Statement

To make a genuine difference to the health of our oceans, coastlines and associated wildlife.


Nurdle is a community interest company dedicated to improving the environment. We make devices to aid in unearthing buried plastic from the sand, focusing specifically on micro-plastic nurdles, as these tiny plastic pellets cause havoc on our wildlife and are the hardest to recover.
Currently, we manufacture and sell micro-plastic Trommel sieves to the beaches that have a real pollution issue. We have 20 Trommels scattered around the UK and some abroad, as far as California. So far, we have removed over 15million pieces of plastic alone - not taking into account the millions more our users are collecting. We've seen a drastic decrease in micro-plastics at Polzeath beach, Tregantle Beach, and Saunton beach and Watergate Bay has very nearly returned to its normal ecological state. However, some beaches are so vastly polluted or so expansive, that we need a machine to clear them. Thats why we're raising grant money to build the worlds first large scale solution to micro-plastics on our beaches.
Some may think this is a massive task, but in reality microplastics accumulate in extreme numbers in one or two areas on a beach. We like to call this the MicroPlastic Accumulation Zone (MPAZ). We'll aim to have an army of machines and Trommels to clear this zone once a month, at every spring tide, alleivating the problem for good. Microplastics also only accumulate on sandy beaches, so although the scope for this problem is global we can consistantly target the worst beaches and clean the oceans much faster than we ever would cleaning the water. There is over 5x as much plastic per km2 on the beach as there is in the open ocean.
Clean beaches, clean ocean.

Program Details

1. The machine (2019 - 2020)
  • Phase 1: Create a machine that can remove micro-plastics from sand.
  • Phase 2: Enhance the machine and to remove pure plastic, with no organic material what so ever.
  • Phase 3: Enhance the machine to incorporate a static charge, allowing us to remove all of the nano plastics (tyre dust, clothes fibres, plastic smaller than a grain of sand) and polystyrene.
  • Phase 4: Take the machine around Europe, cleaning the most heavily polluted beaches.

2. Education (2019-2021)
  • Phase 1: We have partnered with PlasticOceansUK and created The Mighty Microplastic Challenge. This challenge is going out to nearly 20,000 schools in the UK under the Keep Britain Tidy and Eco Schools banner. This challenge focuses on creating a solution to the microplastic problem, with children aged between 10-14 creating a solution to this global solution.
  • Phase 2: Promote the childrens ideas and enter the best into the Big Bang competition, for science and engineering.
  • Phase 3: Enhance the project and target children of all ages.
  • Phase 4: Expand it to other countries.

3. Trommels (2019-2020)
  • Get Trommels to all of the identified problem beaches in the UK. 26 to go.
  • Set up 2 x NurdleUS, NurdleSA, NurdleAU / NurdleNZ. Create manufacturing locations here to decrease the cost and get Trommels to the problem beaches in these regions. UPDATE: NurdleUS, Nurdle Ghana, Nurdle South Africa have now been established.
4. Product (2020-2021)
  • Create a product from the unrecyclable microplastic waste to further expand and target more beaches. UPDATE: We now have technology to recycle all ocean plastic waste into disaster housing or beach huts.
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