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North East Trees (NET) is a design-build, environmental justice non-profit organization dedicated to
improving under-served communities through the design, construction and preservation of green open spaces. A key objective is to hire, educate and train local at-promise youth using urban forestry as a tool, providing them with skills and a path to ongoing education and jobs in the green industry, and to increase community involvement and awareness about our environmental challenges while we to bring nature back into our highly urban environment.
Founded in 1989 by Scott Wilson, an educator, landscape architect, contractor and arborist, NET is recognized throughout the state of California for its creation of innovative, low impact native plant based sustainable designs, and for forging strategic partnerships with urban communities in LA County. NET has a nearly 30 year track record of implementing outstanding conservation projects in L.A. County. NET has planted over 300,000 trees, designed and built over 200 parks and green spaces and trained and employed thousands of local at-risk youth in our environmental stewardship program.
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570 W. Ave 26, Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90065
United States
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