North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council


Mission Statement

The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC) is an action-oriented 501c3 nonprofit working to advance natural refrigerants to shape a more sustainable future in the grocery sector.


Commonly used hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants (HFCs) are the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions globally, trapping thousands of times more heat per molecule than carbon dioxide (CO2). The grocery sector is one of the leading contributors to HFC emissions, releasing over 130 million pounds (70 million tons) of CO2 equivalent emissions (CO2e) annually just in the United States.
Natural refrigerants, by contrast, have zero or near-zero Global Warming Potential (GWP), offering a climate-friendly solution. However, a unique set of market barriers are preventing their widespread adoption in the grocery sector. Leading barriers include upfront costs, lack of performance data, and a shortage of trained technicians.
NASRC was founded by stakeholders from the supermarket refrigeration industry in 2015 to eliminate the barriers to natural refrigerant adoption. Together with over 130 organizations from every sector of the commercial refrigeration industry, we are taking action and making meaningful progress towards the widespread adoption of natural refrigerants in supermarkets, contributing to one of the leading global climate solutions.

Program Details

Together with our network - which represents over 24,000 US supermarket locations, contractors & service technicians, engineering & design firms, utilities, OEMs & product manufacturers, suppliers, software companies, wholesalers & distributors, trade organizations, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions - we are driving solutions to advance natural refrigerants. Our activities include:
  • Coordinating funding for natural refrigerant technologies
  • Accelerating training for contractors & service technicians
  • Advising government agencies on policy & technical applications
  • Contributing to industry best practices, standards, and codes
  • Leading solutions-oriented events, workshops, and trainings
  • Connecting key stakeholders and sharing knowledge
For more information, check out our 2019 Annual Report.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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