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We believe that action creates awareness. Even though the most important solutions should target the root causes of the problem, we still have to deal with the symptoms - and collect all the plastic that has already made its way into nature. Beach cleanups are our most important service, which encourages community-building and reconnects people to their natural environment. As with all other environmental challenges, the key to change is ultimately about providing people with a positive experience of contributing. This way, we facilitate for surfers and the ocean folk to become everyday heroes - whenever they want, wherever they are.
TAVAHA is our collective “transformation word”, an understanding that we cannot use the ocean without also contributing to its protection. Tavaha comes from the Norwegian words “Ta vare på havet”, meaning take care of the ocean. Tavaha encompasses unity, understanding and solidarity across borders, generations and cultures. The ocean has always taken care of us - lets return the favor.

Mission Statement

Nordic Ocean Watch is an environmental collective dedicated to take care of the ocean. Our mission is to raise awareness of environmental issues related to the ocean and motivate people towards active participation in environmental issues. By sharing knowledge, experience and solutions to take care of the ocean, we want to clear the path for people to live more sustainably.

Program Details

Nordic Ocean Watch built Norway’s first ocean renovation center in the popular surf spot Hoddevik on the west coast of Norway, called the Tavaha Barn. Locals and tourists bring waste they find on the beach after a walk or a session in the waves. The trash is cleaned, dried, sorted into different categories and stored in a permanent exhibition in an old wooden silo. The plastic we can reuse is given new life. The Tavaha Barn is not only a landing platform for beach waste, but also a learning facility, and Norway’s coolest place for experiencing the effects of marine pollution.
Our work is not just about the ocean, but about the sustainable development of local resources, culture and community. With this in mind, we have installed beach waste containers in surf spots along the Norwegian coastline, in collaboration with local surf communities and Infinitum Movement. We visit schools all over the country, and by using the hashtags #plukkanopp (pickitup) and #tavaha, we are also building the momentum in the digital sphere.
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