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Mission Statement

Nord Nature Chico Mendès' mission is to educate about the environment and to act for nature through various actions :
- nature activities (outdoors, using the senses, creativity and scientific spirit. Ex: discovery of nature, nature rallies...)
- training in environmental education and differentiated management of green spaces (e.g. learning to organise activities around nature, the pond, etc. / training local authorities in differentiated management of green spaces, carrying out naturalist inventories, etc.)
- realization of personalized pedagogical and/or technical projects (e. g. creation of a pond in a school and pedagogical activities with the students...)
- development and management of sites (e.g. creation of nature areas for educational purposes, etc.)
- studies and advice (e.g.: implementation of green space management plans for municipalities, etc.)
- design of awareness-raising tools (e.g. "Stop Phytos" tool, game on the differentiated management of green spaces...)
With different audiences : local authorities, associations, schools and other educational structures, reception structures (disabled people...), companies, the general public


It all began with the creation of Operation Chico Mendès* by the Nord Nature Environnement association. As the project grew, the leaders decided to create a structure entirely dedicated to it. This is how the Nord Nature Chico Mendès association was born.
*to give children the means to create a space of nature on an abandoned piece of land in their commune. Local actors work hand in hand to create a real place to discover nature in the open air while promoting biodiversity!
It was created in 1995, at a time when it was not good to be an ecologist everywhere in the world... A story particularly touched the creators of the association, that of a man who lost his life while trying to save the Amazon forest : Chico Mendès. A tribute was therefore paid to him by naming the association Nord Nature Chico Mendès.
If, at the beginning, the association was dedicated to Operation Chico Mendès, it has now diversified its activities well.
As Chico Mendes did for the Amazonian forest, the Nord Nature Chico Mendès association, on its own scale, is trying to preserve natural resources by creating islands of biodiversity and educating the inhabitants and stakeholders of the Hauts-de-France to protect nature.

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Climate Change
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