Mission Statement

A world free of fossil and nuclear sources of energy. An economy and households making a thoughtful use of energy, fuelled 100% by local renewable energy sources. This is noé21's vision !
Noé21 sees itself as a flashlight in the dark. We are surrounded by solutions to make our vision (se above) our reality. Solutions must be made visible and credible. If we don't have a clear idea of where we want to go, we'll probably never get there ! Symposiums, conferences, consensus discussions, reports, teaching in schools, noé21 uses several tools to further its mission.


Noé21 was founded in 2003 in Geneva by Chaïm Nissim, Philippe de Rougemont and Deborah Lassalle. Our first mission was centenred on exploring and promoting Environmental fiscal reform. Noé21 then opened up to a bouquet of solutions: nudging behaviour change, energy efficiency and local renewable energy sourcing. Today noé21 is a tight-knit independent NGO, well experienced, mature, active in Switzerand and India ready to partner with motivated corporations.

Program Details

1. Currently noé21 is researching sufficiency initiatives around the world (without taking airplanes) to assemble a guide as mandated by the Geneva canton energy utility SIG. The objective is to find the best ways to help SIG customers reduce their energy consumption without techy gadgets but rather: by being smart, focused and imaginative.
2. Noé21 is also preparing an international symposium on nuclear power plant decommissioning and dismantling, to be held in Bern end of 2020. The objective is to have specialists with first hand experience from the USA, Germany and Spain share their stories with Swiss MPs, industry and state representatives. Reducing the fear factor surrounding decommissioning will accelerate the nuclear phase-out calendar.
3. Noé21 is continuing it's interventions in schools on climate change solutions, as well as its "café-climat" public discussions on energy transition issues and opportunities.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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