Mission Statement

no2plastic is a nonprofit dedicated to reducing single-use plastics for the benefit of human and planet health.

Description is a growing and diverse community of educators, students, athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, seniors, scientists, celebrities, and innovators. Through our partnerships, ambassador program and school challenge, we are reducing single-use plastics for the benefit of human and planet health. Collectively we are pledging and saying “NO” to plastic bottles, straws, cutlery, cups and lids, school supplies and more.
What sets apart is that we are focused on changing the habits of the consumer, thus empowering people worldwide to make a difference on the front end. We believe in the clean up efforts, but foremost, we believe that it is our responsibility to turn off the Plastic Tap and send a message. As human demands for plastics decrease, industries will be urged to focus their efforts on designing reusable products and/or ones that are made of 100% recyclable materials. was founded by Brown W. Cannon III, a professional photographer of 20 years. Brown has traveled the world using his camera to tell stories that matter. With a focus on conservation, culture and adventure, Brown created as a way to benefit and give back to the many people and places that he has photographed.
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Program Details has several programs that are currently operating. Please visit our website to see our efforts first hand.
Current Programs:
•Pledge Program - businesses and individuals are committing to reduce plastic waste in their daily lives.
•School Challenge - This is a student-led initiative to reduce single-use plastics, one student, one school at a time. To date, nearly 1000 students representing 30 schools in 5 states have signed the challenge pledge, reducing the waste stream by around 1.5 million pieces of single-use plastic annually.
•N2P Store - Connects you with a growing collection of reusable designs that help you reduce your single-use plastic consumption.
Future Programs:
•Visual Campaigns - The plastic story is ongoing and we believe that the best way to connect with people is through the visual arts. no2plastic funds award winning photographers, filmmakers and artists to visually tell the story of our planet and its struggle with plastic pollution.
Primary Issue
Secondary Issue
Climate Change
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