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We were established in 2013 and we are a non-for-profit foundation. We have an official 'good cause"- status, granted by the Tax Authorities.
In recent times, it has become even more clear how interrelated our human health and the health of the planet are. Nature helps us to healh or to stay healthy, so we have to keep nature healthy. Healthy planet, healthy people. Unhealthy planet, unhealthy people, It is as simple as that,
We dedicate our work to establish a balance between public health and the health of the planet. We are a Nature For Health community, that is a place of positive energy and social innovation, where ideas and expertise are shared. We prioritize initiatives that work in practise and that inspire local people, businesses, knowledge institutions, NGOs and governments to take action themselves.
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Mission Statement

Nature For Health (NFH) works on improving the quality of life and the living environment by connecting health and nature.
Our motto is: Naturally Healthy Together!
We love life! #natureforhealth #naturallyhealthytogether

Program Details

Our substance priority themes are:
  1. Healing & soothing environments for:
       > Vulnerable older people & green environment
       > Stress - burn out & green environment
       > Oncology & green environment
       > Mental health disorders & green environment
2. Healing landscapes & the power of public green
3. Grey & youth for green & health
4. Health, nature & climate change.
Our projects include:
- Healing landscapes - from local to international
- Nature on Doctors' prescription
- Vulnerable older people, their caregivers and green-blue zones in urbanized areas
- Nature on Your Mind - greening mental health care
- Greening Hospitals
- Burning - nature for climate adaptation
- Healthy Green Neighbourhoods
- Nature therapy - steps to mainstream
- Nature & Health Work Inspiration Sessions and Seasons Sessions
- International congress in prep for end of 2021, with working title: "Naturally Healthy Together - the power of green spaces"
Primary Issue
Secondary Issue
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