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Mission Statement

Naturarvet protects old-growth forest in Sweden by purchasing land. Protecting the few remnants of old-growth forest in the world is essential for biodiversity and for keeping the carbon in the ground. The statutes of the collection foundation are simple - buy old-growth forest, don’t ever touch it and don’t ever sell it. Naturarvet literally buries your money in the forest floor.


Naturarvet exists for those of us who want to take action to preserve Sweden’s valuable old-growth forest. The foundation is not-for-profit and has a 90-account to ensure that any money collected will not be used for unreasonable expenses, and that at least 75% is used for the intended purpose. The foundation’s structure and regulations ensure that forest acquired by the foundation is kept safe for all time. The goal is that all of Sweden’s animal- and plant-species that depend on old-growth forest for their survival will be able to live in a safe environment, and maintain a healthy population.
Collection of funds required to purchase forest is mainly sourced through our website. Naturarvet has an intention of being in the front of digital and innovative fund raising along with communication via digital channels. Collection methods include monthly donations through automatic debit as Forest Patron, donations as gifts to others with a gift certificate, gifts in memory with gift certificates, sponsoring of "umbrella trees" - well identified trees with photographic documentation and geographical coordinates that protect not only the tree but the area surrounding it as well wiht the tree centrally acting as an umbrella for all other species protected around it, and sponsoring of a forest plot, a square of an area of a current project to be preserved by Naturarvet for ever.
For business partners on top of the above we offer "click sponsoring" - allowing visitors to our website to click for free in order to save a palm-size patch of forest for each click, that is offset from the total budget of clicks the sponsor has contributed funds for. At the same time the visitor is directed automatically and randomly to one of the websites of the concurrent sponsors. The sponsor also will have theor logo published on our website and will be mentioned on our website, in our newsletter and on our social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. Other forms of partbership wiht business partners are constantly developed and can be tailored to suit the partner and their relationship to nature, wildlife, carbon offsetting, product footprint compensation etcetera.
Ann Murugan (née Rask) and Jenny Strand from Luleå returned to Sweden after a few years of studying abroad and saw their beloved wild forests, that they used to ride through in their teens, disappearing one after another to be replaced by tree plantations. While abroad, they had noticed how faded a country can become when it loses its original nature due to exploitation, so they decided to take steps in order to save what little old-growth forest was left. In 2004 Ann and Jenny started “a click for the forest,” and together with Anna-Karin Grennvall they founded the first board. Two years later they had saved the first Nautrarvet forest that is now preserved forever.

Program Details

Naturarvet is currently finalizing the collection of funds in order to purchase and for ever preserve Skarnhålan old-growth forest. The 40 hectares piece of land is rich in red-listed species and teh forest stands has an average age of 140 years, with trees of 200 years old or more. There are two small beautiful lakes within the area and the landscape varies greatly both in forest tupe and in altitude. In the north spruce is the dominant tree, while scots pine is thriving on the central plateau and the southern slopes and steeps is dominated by oak and is a true deciduous type of ancient forest. The area is directly connected to two nature reserves in the west. With the addition of Skarnhålan, the total connected area of protected old-growth forest is 205 hectares. The visitor will have a variety of forests to visit, to explore some real magic places and to enjoy a beautiful day in the wild of the south west of Sweden.
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