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Mission Statement

Mote Marine Laboratory (Mote) is dedicated to the advancement of marine and environmental sciences through scientific research, education and public outreach leading to new discoveries, revitalization and sustainability of our oceans and greater public understanding of marine resources.


Mote Marine Laboratory (Mote) is an internationally recognized marine research organization dedicated to the advancement of marine and environmental sciences through research, education and public outreach. Mote supports healthy oceans and marine ecosystems by making breakthrough discoveries and raising public awareness regarding the revitalization and sustainable use of marine resources. Founded by Dr. Eugenie Clark in 1955, Mote has grown from a one-room laboratory to a 10.5 acre campus in Sarasota, FL, with field stations in Sarasota County, Charlotte Harbor and the Florida Keys. Mote is home to some 200 staff, including more than 30 PhD scientists, and over 20 research programs focused on conservation and sustainable use of our oceans. Throughout its history, Mote has helped to protect and save endangered species and their habitats, solve emerging marine-related challenges, provide expert data and analysis to policy makers, and educate scores of children, youth and adults.
Through its diverse research programs Mote scientists are studying such issues as conservation of marine life; discovering human cancer and infection fighting compounds; evaluating wild fisheries; and the design of new ocean monitoring and assessment technologies. Mote also operates hospitals for sea turtles, dolphins and small whales. Mote’s educational offerings are vast and include programming for all ages. Mote offers a variety of science education and mentoring opportunities, including highly competitive internships for high school and university students and fully funded post-doctoral positions. Mote Aquarium provides hands-on learning with an eye toward conservation for over 340,000 visitors annually. Through partnership and collaboration, Mote is engaged in efforts to raise awareness and promote conservation of the oceans surrounding nearly all of Earth’s continents. In every program area—research, education, outreach—Mote is addressing local and global environmental issues and adding to scientific knowledge of the world’s oceans.

Program Details

Some of Mote’s most pressing research is examining:
• The impact of climate change, ocean acidification and disease on coral reefs and effective techniques to restore coral reefs within our lifetime
• Mitigation and control methods for harmful algal blooms, including red tide
• Threatened or endangered marine animals—including coral, sharks, manatees, rays and turtles—and management strategies to aid in their conservation
• Best practices in rehabilitating sick or injured dolphins, small whales and sea turtles
• Compounds from the marine environment to treat human infections and cancer
• Sustainable aquaculture systems to produce food and restock fisheries
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