Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES)


Mission Statement

MOSES educates, inspires, and empowers farmers to thrive in a sustainable, organic system of agriculture.


MOSES is a nonprofit organization that promotes o­­­rganic and sustainable agriculture by providing the education, resources and expertise farmers need to succeed.
The organization has its roots in the Upper Midwest Organic Farming Conference, which was created in 1990 to help educate the growing number of farmers interested in organic agriculture. That first conference in 1990 drew 90 farmers.
In 1999, when conference attendance rose above 1,000, conference planners decided it was time to create a new entity to meet the year-round educational needs of organic and sustainable farmers. They created MOSES and hired Faye Jones, a market farmer who’d been instrumental in organizing the conference, as its leader.
Today, MOSES has a staff of 10 that manages educational events, programs, publications, and more to help farmers succeed in organic production. The Upper Midwest Organic Farming Conference has become known as the MOSES Organic Farming Conference, or simply, the MOSES Conference. It is now the country’s largest event for the organic farming community, reaching more than 3,500 attendees each year.

Program Details

MOSES has a powerful reputation as a leader, strong partner, and well-respected source of quality, targeted, farmer-focused information and resources. Growing from a single employee to an efficient team of 10 staff, we operate out of an historic office in the small town of Spring Valley, Wis. We are recognized nationally as the host of the annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference, held each February in La Crosse, Wis., attracting over 3000 people annually.
MOSES manages several programs, including on-farm field days, the Organic Answer Line, the Farmer-to-Farmer Mentoring program, the New Organic Stewards program, the In Her Boots Project, and the Grow Organic Program.
Our website offers information on all aspects of organic production, plus access to resources including more than 30 fact sheets, our popular Guidebook to Organic Certification in English and Spanish, informative podcasts and webinars, the useful Upper Midwest Organic Resource Directory, and practical articles from our Organic Broadcaster newspaper, as well as our monthly e-news.
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