Methow Conservancy


Mission Statement

To inspire people to care for the land of the Methow Valley.


Building on 24 years of trust in the community, the Methow Conservancy is using innovative approaches to: • Protect healthy land, clean water and fresh air; • Connect people to the land; • Support local agriculture; and • Be a role model for the rural mountain West.
What does it mean to be a role model for the rural mountain West? Like any ecosystem, it's a delicate balance. It's enough healthy habitat protected so wildlife can thrive and enough thoughtful development to embrace people, too. It's fertile soils that still support agriculture and a community that values food production. It's a resilient economy able to weather any storm. It's diverse people who care for each other and for the land.
Working with our local community we have protected more than 8000 acres of healthy wildlife habitat, fertile agricultural soils, and scenic beauty in the Methow Valley of North Central Washington State. We run a wide variety of educational programs to reach diverse audiences because we believe that the more people know about the natural history and ecology of the Methow Valley, the more they will want to care forit. And, we believe in a bright future for agriculture. That's why we run programs to support farmers--from carbon farming learning groups to classes on running a farming business.
All of our work is grounded in the belief that a love of the land is a common denominator for everyone who knows the Methow Valley. When we work together from that common ground, we can do amazing things.

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Primary Issue
Climate Change
315 Riverside / PO Box 71
Winthrop, WA 98862
United States
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