Merazonia Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation


Mission Statement

Combining dedication, passion, proffesionalism and innovative methods, we have been able to achieve great results, pioneering new techniques in the field of wildlife rehabilitation. We continue to strive to improve and have been able to raise the bar for projects both nationally and internationally.
Our achievements over the years include:
· Hundreds of animals given back their freedom. This includes many primates, sloths, felines, kinkajous, otters, other mammals and parrots
· Successful, pioneering primate releases, such as the red howler monkey and woolly monkey releases. These monkeys are notoriously difficult to rehabilitate in captivity and are now thriving in freedom!
· Groundbreaking and successful releases of several groups of blue-headed parrots
· An excellent track record with the neo-natal care of mammals - especially primates and sloths. We provide 24 hour care, close monitoring by our resident vet and daily exploration of the jungle to improve instincts and mobility


Merazonia is a dynamic wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre in Ecuador, set in 250 acres of wilderness, where the Andean mountains meet the Amazon jungle. Founded in 2004, we focus on the rehabilitation of wildlife that has fallen victim to illegal trafficking and deforestation. The animals we receive include primates, sloths, felines, parrots, otters and other mammals. Our aim is to return them to the wild as soon as possible. We combine a passion for nature with a professional approach towards animal care and release, along with rainforest conservation and wildlife monitoring.
We have been voted South America's best wildlife sanctuary three years in a row and have developed internationally acknowledged rehabilitation and release projects for emblematic species such as howler and woolly monkeys and many other species.
Merazonia is a non-profit and does not allow tourists in its centre. Nor do we receive governmental funding. We rely solely on donors to finance new projectss. Volunteers from all over the world are a vital part of the work we do and help us with the day to day running of the centre.

Program Details

A small scale project like Merazonia has a direct impact on the lives of many individual animals. Help us make that difference. Donations are vital for our animal and rainforest conservation projects.
Current projects include:
- Red howler monkey rehabilitation and release (2nd)
- Neotropical otter rehabilitation and release (2nd)
- Sloth rehabilitation and release (50th)
- Blue-headed parrot rehabilitation and release (3rd)
- Tamarin monkey rehabilitation and release (4th )
Infrastructure and projects:
- Extention of the clinic
- Amplification of the neonate care area
- Renovation and amplification of the quarantine area
- Purchase of more VHF and GPS tracking systems for future releases
- Increasing sustainable energy projects in the reserve (hydro and solar)
- Sloth release enclosure
- Birds of prey rehabilitation enclosure
- Monitoring of wildlife activity in our reserve and the bordering National Park Llanganates (trail cameras, infra-red cameras)
Every year we rehabilitate and release an increasing number of animals. And we will continue to do so. But every week we receive new animals. With your help we can do more! With your support we can extend our release projects and open our doors to an increasing number of animals. Merazonia works closely with Ecuador's Ministry of Environment but does not receive government funding. For the wellbeing of the animals we do not allow paying public to visit either. By supporting us you will be helping not only Merazonia but animals all over the world as we share the results of our rehabilitation and release programs.
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