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MarAlliance explores, enables and inspires positive change for threatened marine wildlife, their critical habitats and dependent human communities.


MarAlliance is a dynamic international non-profit organization registered as a 501c3 in California, USA, that designs and conducts collaborative grassroots research and conservation action on tropical threatened marine megafauna such as sharks, rays, turtles and large finfish. Working with fishers and other key stakeholders of the sea, we promote sustainable small-scale coastal fisheries and generate essential data on fish populations, behavior and ecology to enable fact-based conservation and management, often in the context of established or proposed marine protected areas. Through our work with fishers we promote the use of sustainable fishing methods and create economic income diversification initiatives to decrease pressures on fisheries and improve good stewardship and management practices. We delight in informing and educating students, fishers, tourism guides, decision-makers and the public at large about marine megafauna science and conservation both at sea and through more formal land-based means. Our communication strategy is broad: we share our findings and other key information at many levels, from partner communities to large public events, international congresses, social media and television.

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Our Objectives:
We seek to reverse the decline in marine megafauna populations in near-shore habitats of tropical developing countries where population pressures and need for marine resources is the greatest – and where we believe we can have impact. By working at the grassroots level with a host of partners including fishers, academia, the NGO community and the private and public sectors, we conduct basic and cutting edge science and help translate results into management and conservation action and policy-support. We have helped to establish critical baselines of marine megafauna populations and distributions, conducted novel science to understand species spatial and behavioural ecology and identified and helped to mitigate threats to marine faunal persistence. We have helped to identify, create and expand marine protected areas, get threatened species fully protected, educated thousands of students and trained hundreds of fishers in monitoring techniques, and broadly raised public and government awareness for the vulnerabilities and need to conserve large marine fauna.
The Impact we seek:
The impact we seek includes broad changes in attitudes towards large marine fauna, sharks in particular, and positive changes in consumer choice and fishing practices that leads to an increase in the populations of threatened fish. We work primarily with fishers to conduct key basic research and identify means of improving the sustainability of fishing practices, train them in monitoring methods which provides income diversification and a reduction in fishing effort during the monitoring period. Our educational programs target primarily 10-13 years olds to introduce them to the concepts of responsible consumption of marine products, sustainable fishing and conservation ethos through the lens of sharks and rays. To help translate the science into management, conservation and policy, we have helped to create policy support mechanisms such as the National Shark Working Group in three countries (with more countries on the way!) and participate in a host of other committees and support to governments to help them meet the requirements of international conventions such as CITES and CMS. Our programs are already bearing fruit in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Cape Verde, where there is greater public attention and concern for the survival of large marine wildlife and more sustainable fishing methods through the creation of advisory committees, development of plans of action and demonstrated interest by Government towards more effective management of marine megafauna.
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