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Maine Farmland Trust was founded in 1999 on the belief that farms are fundamental to Maine's future. We all depend on farmland and farmers every day, every time we eat. Ou farmland is the fundation for a future of abundant, healthy food for all. We need farmland to live - it's that simple.
For the past two decades, we have been working with farmers and partners to:
  • Protect critical farmland all around the state
  • Support farmers by helping them get on the land and grow strong businesses
  • Advocate for the important role farms play in our communities
As we look to the future, we know that a thriving agricultural landscape, where farms feed our economy, steward our natural resources, and nourish our communities, is possible, but not guaranteed.
Maine Farmland Trust has an ambitious plan to accelerate the pace and scale of our work to meet the most pressing challenges facing Maine farms today. Over the next five years, we will work to affect change in four important areas:
  • Thriving Farms: We envision a future where farmers can grow successful businesses with access to the land, markets, and support they need to thrive now and in the future.
  • Heathy, Vibrant Communities: We envision a future where Maine communities value farms as essential to the overall health of people, the economy, and the environment, and to fostering a sense of place.
  • Stewardship & Climate: We envision a future where farmers are integral to caring for Maine's natural resources and can proactively respond to a changing climate.
  • Equity & Inclusion: We envision a future where we understand how diversity, equit and inclusion intersect with our work and with Maine's farm and food systems, and work to eliminate inequity.
Maine farms have so much provimise, but we must increase our efforts and work together to realize Maine's farming potential and create the future we want for our farms, our communities, and our food system.

Mission Statement

Maine Farmland Trust is a member-powered statewide organization that protects farmland, supports farmers, and advances the future of farming in Maine.

Program Details

Farmland Protection: Protecting farmland Iis the only way we will ensure that we have enough land to grow our food for the future. Agricultural easements protect land from non-farm development and often allow the sale of land at its "farm use value," which is often necessary to make farmland affordable to farmers.
Farmland Access: In the next decade, we expect that as many as 400,000 acres of Maine farmland will change hands as farmers age and retire. Connecting landowners with incoming farmers helps keep this land in production, whether through a sale, lease arrangement, or other support of a farmer's land search.
Farm Viability: We must help farmers thrive and help more Mainers access local food. Collaborating and consulting with farmers, food-related businesses, and organizations with interests that range from economic development to food security, we help grow creative programs and enterprises designed to support a vibrant and resilient food system that works for all Mainers.
Public Outreach: For local food and farms to flourish, we need an informed and dedicated community of people who are passionate about Maine farms. Events, films, books, art, and public advocacy all help advance farming's future.
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