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Mission Statement

Rescuing, treating, rehabilitating wild and marine life (Marine mammals). Animal protection and advocacy. Raising awareness, Developing respect for animal life, improving animal welfare.


The LPA Calais Centre de Soins Faune Sauvage opened in 2011. It is located in Northern France, at the British border and near Belgium. The centre is equipped with good quality facilities including indoor and outdoor pools, birdhouses, reptile houses, quarantine areas...
Those facilities enable the rescue centre to look after +1000 birds, 65 to 70 common and grey seals a year, and many more species... Most of the seals admitted to the centre are young (less than one year). We usually rescue pups which have been abandoned by their mothers or older ones that are injured (fishing equipment) or suffer from parasites, viruses... They are tended to at the centre until they are fit enough to be released. They are first placed in the quarantine zone and are then transferred to the outdoor pool where they stay until they are able to feed on their own. All types of birds enter the centre because they are injured (common birds, sea birds, exotic birds, parrots, birds of prey such as owls, short or long-eared owls....)

Program Details

We are currently nursing 13 grey and common seals in the medical area.
Among them, one is treated for a herpes virus, another one is suffering from lung worms and a third one is receiving veterinary care after it was severely bitten by a dog.
About 130 hedgehogs have been hibernating on the premices since autumn.
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