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Nature supports us: Healthy rivers, clean water and aquatic biodiversity are indispensible for human life.
Living Rivers Foundation is committed to the protection of free rivers, freshwater life, sustainable water management and the restoration river landscapes – in Europe and internationally.


Living Rivers Foundation engages in the protection of healthy rivers, clean water and freshwater life, and the restoration of rivers landscapes – in Europe and internationally. Our work is focused on advocacy and public debate: Together with our partners, we call for better implementation of policies that treat water and river management as a cross-cutting issue. We promote the idea of making economics work for the environment and dismantling harmful subsidies. We believe that Europe can do better in protecting the last wild rivers. Therefore we advocate the establishment of a growing network of strictly protected free rivers across Europe.

Program Details

River Film Fest 2020:
Changing the conversation about rivers - Turning the tide for freshwater life
River Film Fest celebrates free rivers, clean water, and freshwater life.
Biodiversity is in dramatic decline as rivers and fisheries are threatened around the globe. Our planet's life support system is in peril. If water is life, we better take care of it.
Each year, River Film Fest presents an international selection of environmental and outdoor films in cities around Europe to share stories and scientific insight about this issue.
We know this much →
  • The love people have for water is real
  • Options for better river protection are real
  • Dam removal and rewilding is real

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With your support, we can continue our mission with a River Film Fest 2020 tour. For the love of water!
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