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Limity jsme my is a Czech climate justice movement working to address the root causes of the climate crisis by striving to keep fossil fuels in the ground.


Limity jsme my is a Czech climate justice movement working to address the root causes of the climate crisis by striving to keep fossil fuels in the ground.
Limity Jsme My (“We Are the Limits”, abbrev. LJM), is a collective and a grass root movement of people motivated to inspire fair solutions to climate change and promoting the wide spread of sustainable energy in the Czech Republic. We unite individuals from different spheres of civil society and cooperate with foreign partners all across Europe. The main goal of our activities is to support a socially equitable transition to a carbon-free economy while we understand that firstly we as a society need to put an end to coal mining and burning fossil fuels as quickly as possible
LJM was established in 2015 in response to a governmental proposal to break mining limits for coal in northern parts of Bohemia. Since that we spend our time with a wide array of activities, from lecturing about environmental and social topics, holding themed workshops and conferences up to taking part in direct action, happenings and demonstrations. The main focus of our movement lies in the organisation of what we call “Klimakemp” every summer. These summer schools of climate justice always take place in regions with notable presence of fossil fuel industry and make space for networking, mutual education and activation of environmentally aware and engaged public from Czech Republic and abroad.
In 2019, we organised the 3rd edition of Klimakemp, the Summer School of Climate Justice, this time taking place in the area of Pardubice near one of the most outdated polluters - Chvaletice coal power plant. Climate camps are combining lectures, self-organising, demonstrations and blockades focusing on themes of climate justice, zero carbon economy, fair transition, sharing skills and speaking against the fossil fuel barons who shape the Czech energy sector. Total number of 500 participants attended lectures and workshops on environmental and social topics or participated in direct action this year.
Our movement is committed to promoting a societal dialogue concerning climatic and energetic questions, in particular supporting measures to mitigate climate change by pushing for a rapid decline in coal mining and fossil fuels combustion. Our strategic goal is to replace coal in the Czech energy sector by 2030 at the latest - which could make a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions to a level consistent with the emission scenarios required by the IPCC 2018 Thematic Report to keep warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius and meet the targets of Paris Climate Agreement.
Therefore, we also collaborate with many local associations (especially in northern Bohemia, Liberec, Ostrava or Pardubice), as well as with national organisations (Greenpeace, Rainbow Movement). Together, we try to influence specific political decisions in the energy sector through spreading information, education, advocacy and media work.
At the same time, we emphasise social and developmental context and consequences of the climate crisis - in order to influence current political debate on the subject by stressing our global responsibilities and the need to contribute to the goals of eradicating hunger and poverty, preventing conflicts and fighting against rising inequality and the impacts of climate change worldwide.

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