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Less Plastic CIC is a UK-based non-profit with a global impact.
We inspire individuals, businesses, and communities all over the world to reduce plastic waste; through education, modeling, sharing strategies & best practice, and creating new social norms to eliminate single-use plastic.
100% of our revenue funds our global impact non=profit projects listed below.
We're a small, efficient, results-driven team with a passion to raise awareness of the ocean plastic crisis, and highlight how we can all take practical action to prevent further plastic pollution by dramatically reducing our plastic use.

Mission Statement

Less plastic on our planet.
Raising awareness of the issues of plastic pollution and inspiring positive behavior change among individuals, businesses, and communities to reduce plastic waste.
We are also creating a new focus - Less Plastic More Nature - which will explore how we can compensate for the damage done, and share simple, practical, regenerative actions we can all take to restore nature.

Program Details

We deliver the Less Plastic mission through:
- our range of unique infographic designs that convey the complex issues around plastic pollution and prevention in a visual, easy-to-action format - perfect for employee, customer, or community engagement campaigns
- our book, Plastic Game Changer, the world's first book helping organizations to reduce plastic waste; featuring our five-step framework to reduce plastic waste and insightful case studies from a variety of industries sharing best practice
- our large, global social media audiences of over 300K followers highly engaged around the issue of preventing plastic pollution - see @LessPlasticUK
- talks, workshops, and events to accelerate plastic reduction efforts within organizations and communities
- consultancy services for organizations that require deeper support, guidance, and access to our expertise
- business partnerships and sponsored content with organizations that share our goals to inspire widespread behavior change around plastic usage
We have many ideas for future projects, including plans to promote activity that goes beyond preventing plastic pollution - making nature restoration the new norm for individuals, businesses and communities all over the world.
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