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Positive Legacy became a 501(c)(3) in 2010, but our mission and work began in 2003 as the greening program on board the maiden voyage of Jam Cruise, an iconic music festival onboard a cruise ship. Through years of making impactful and more sustainable changes to the cruise industry practices, the concept of Positive Legacy was born: to integrate music and service to benefit people and the environment. 
Today our nonprofit is run and supported by a wide variety of music industry and nonprofit professional experts with over 30 artist partnerships serving in communities across the US, Caribbean and Central America.
How it works:
  • An environmental or humanitarian project and need is identified 
  • We team up with artists and events to create an action day and awareness on the issue 
  • We raise funds through ticket surcharges, auctions, interactive activities, individual and company donations
  • We provide grant funding to local organizations working to alleviate the issue to ensure sustainability and success
Our recent projects have included: beach & river clean ups, plastics reduction education, recycling systems & education, reef restoration, community access to clean water, turtle nesting habitat and wildlife sanctuary preservation, organic gardening, eco-entrepreneurial opportunities and eco-cultural preservation.

Mission Statement

Positive Legacy integrates music and service to benefit people and the environment. We coordinate environmental and humanitarian service projects fueled by the power of music. We transcend cultural boundaries by attending to the needs and aspirations of the communities where music happens. We create sustainable support through action from musicians and fans.

Program Details

Positive Legacy's most recent environmental project at Xcacel Turtle Sanctuary (part of the largest stretch of turtle nesting area in the Yucatan) has made the most significant impact by showing the importance of the ecosystem and beach to the local government who often are more interested in development and financial gain than maintaining the stretches of untouched beach and associated pristine ecosystems.  Positive Legacy has brought 12 groups to this location over the past three winters to provide site improvement projects such as micro-plastic beach combing, painting and hanging educational signage, putting up rope fencing to protect habitat areas, and clearing space to build a picnic area, as well as picnic tables, to provide a designated place for visitors to eat rather than on the beach. Additionally, our grant funding has begun efforts in creating a welcome center for visitors to learn about sea turtles and the importance of their conservation as well as creating better facilities for the overnight volunteers during nesting and hatching season.
Further, in January, Positive Legacy brought over 100 music fans and artists to participate in a beach clean up in the port town of Mahahual, Mexico that gathered 2,559 lbs of trash in 30 minutes.  This was our third visit to Mahahual in support of similar projects. We provided $13,000 of grant funding to the local nonprofit, Menos Plastico es Fantastico, to provide wages and materials for a year’s worth of weekly trash clean ups in areas that are known sea turtle nesting sites.  Recent updates are already showing success with a significant increase in turtle nests over the last season. Additionally, the funds support the educational efforts in the community which is leading the charge to become a plastic free community within two years.  This project proved even more important after the pandemic crisis began to impact everyone, as the crew working the weekly cleanups with Menos Plastico es Fantastico are some of the only people employed in the area. 
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