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Korea Green Foundation is the first public foundation specialized in environment. Since its foundation in 2002, KGF is trying to raise people's awareness on the environmental issue by cultural and educational means. It has been meeting and supporting many environmental activists home and abroad and is runnig diverse programs in order to make people to act in their daily lives.
Korea Green Foundation is the hub of environmental network of Asia. With its expertise and by cultural means, KFG is trying to help people recognize environmental issues as the most urgent one.
The issue of environment has become a key word that everybody pays attention to and is interested in but still, there are many people who feel
that it is somehow too heavy and difficult issue to deal with. Starting with Green Film Festival in Seoul in 2004,
Korea Green Foundation has been seeking ways of coexistence of the environment and humans and has been exploring the
alternatives and better practice for the future. Now the festival is taking its presence as one of the 3 major environmental film festivals in the world,
and also the largest scale in Asia and the only environmental film festival in Korea.
Green Boat sailed off first in 2005, the year commemorating the 60th anniversary of Korea’s independence.
It offered an opportunity for participants from Korea and Japan a special time to get along and come to understand each other,
through discussion and exchange, while sailing in a unique space on a boat. It is jointly hosted by Peace Boat, the leading NGO in Japan and more than
10,000 citizens of Korea and Japan have been sailing together for historical, cultural, environmental and peaceful harmony of East Asia.
Green boat is a venue of strong bonding of citizens of Korea and Japan and a field site of eco tour.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
Seosomunro 106 Jung-gu
Seoul, Seoul 106
South Korea
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