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Mission Statement

KS Wild's mission is to protect and restore wild nature in the Klamath-Siskiyou region of southwest Oregon and northwest California. We promote science-based land and water conservation through policy and community action.  We envision a Klamath-Siskiyou region where local communities enjoy healthy wildlands, where clean rivers are teeming with native salmon, and where connected plant and wildlife populations are prepared for climate change.
KS Wild achieves this vision through outreach and advocacy-based education, by building community support for the conservation of the region’s special places and natural gems, by being the watchdog and steward of northern California and southern Oregon’s public lands, public trust waters, and the diversity of plant and animal life.


The Klamath Siskiyou Mountains are home to some of the most spectacular forests in the world. Dense old growth forests, towering pines in oak woodlands, and alpine meadows all mix together in this world-class ecoregion. Our region borders the coastal Redwood forests (with the tallest trees in the world) to the west and the mighty Douglas fir forests of the Cascade Range in the east.
KS Wild focuses on public forests, mostly in the Rogue and Klamath River watersheds. Our trained staff and volunteers monitor public lands management on eight million acres (a forested area larger than the state of Maryland!). These public lands include the Medford and Klamath Falls Bureau of Land Management, and the Klamath, Six Rivers, Shasta-Trinity, and Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forests. Our goal is to protect the remaining wildlands, watersheds, and wildlife while encouraging restoration of forests that have been damaged by logging, mining, and development.

Program Details

Our Work
Focusing of the public lands that comprise the Rogue and Klamath River watersheds, KS Wild monitors and influences federal management of over 8 million acres of forest. We strive to protect and restore forests and watersheds that stretch from the Cascades to the Coast and down through Northern California.
Our key programs include ForestWatch, the Climate Program, Rogue Riverkeeper and other water protection campaigns, and Stewardship.
ForestWatch monitors and influences public land management across seven forest districts and two federal agencies. It is at the heart of KS Wild's mission defending the wildlands and wildlife of the Klamath-Siskiyou.
For 23 years, KS Wild has been a voice for the wildlands, wildlife and watersheds found on over 8 million acres of public lands. We strive to protect and restore forests and watersheds that stretch from Eastern Oregon to the Coast and down through Northern California. Anytime the Forest Service proposes a project that will impact public lands the Rogue River or Klamath Watersheds we make sure that we know what the agency is doing and we work hard to encourage actions that will restore watersheds and ecosystems while standing steadfast against proposals that will harm our forests.
Here the first questions we ask when taking a look at federal land management proposals:
  • Does the project impact wildlands that serve as wildlife or botanical hotspots?
  • Will aquatic values like clean water or imperiled fish habitat be impacted?
  • Does the project increase the resiliency of nearby communities and encourage a sustainable relationship with public lands?
  • Will the project harm threatened or at-risk wildlife species?
Climate Program
KS Wild’s Climate Program engages policy makers and land managers at the local, state, and federal levels to take bold action to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, while also advancing on-the-ground projects that prepare our region for coming changes.
KS Wild was founded to defend and restore the biological diversity, wild places, and at-risk species in the Klamath-Siskiyou region in 1997. Since that time, climate change has emerged as the leading threat to KS Wild’s mission. Climate change is already happening. It is the issue of our time. Even if we stopped pumping greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere tomorrow, climate change is with us. For the West Coast of the U.S., nearly all of the hottest summers on record have been in the past five years. While we take action to stop climate change, we also need to help adapt our communities and environments to the changes that are already taking place.
Rivers and Watersheds
KS Wild protects rivers and their fish by opposing projects that harm salmon and water quality while advocating for actions that help restore riparian health. Protect the best and restore the rest. We save old-growth forests that stabilize soils and provide critical habitat for salmon while encouraging road removal and maintenance to minimize sedimentation from a crumbling logging road system.
Bookended by the mighty Rogue River watershed in the north (where our Rogue Riverkeeper program works) and the iconic Klamath River watershed in the south, the Klamath-Siskiyou is a region of wild rivers. The Illinois, Smith, Trinity, and Chetco Rivers are all world-class streams. These beloved rivers support  Coho and Chinook salmon, steelhead, cutthroat trout, green sturgeon, and Pacific lamprey.
We are proud to have launched the Rogue Riverkeeper program in 2009 to watchdog Clean Water Act implementation in this southern Oregon salmon stronghold. Retaining streamside forest canopy cover, preventing destructive in-stream mining activities, and reducing the impact of poorly maintained logging roads on streams and creeks are continuing priorities.
Our Public Lands and You (PLAY) stewardship program is committed to restoring and protecting wild places by connecting volunteers to on-the-ground projects that improve and monitor biologically rich places in the Klamath-Siskiyou.
KS Wild’s Botanical Stewardship program includes restoration projects like fencing, native plantings, weed pulls, and trash clean-up. Become a member of the land stewardship program and monitor some of the most biologically rich places of the Klamath-Siskiyou.
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