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Kipahulu Ohana (family) was founded in 1995 to revive, restore, and share the practices of traditional Native Hawaiian culture in the remote area of Kipahulu in East Maui. We are dedicated to educating residents and visitors of the "ways of old" through cultural demonstrations and hands-on activities. Using the wisdom and spiritual guidance of our kupuna (elders), we seek to re-establish a Hawaiian lifestyle in Kipahulu. By initiating sustainable projects, dividing the labor, and sharing the results we preserve our culture.
We have maintained a partnership agreement with Haleakala National Park since 1995 for the management of Kapahu Living Farm, an ancient wetland taro farm, where we host educational programs and produce poi and other healthy traditional foods for the local community.
We have also developed other programs related to ahupua‘a (watershed) management, including other agricultural operations such as a 9-acre pasture and fruit orchard on state leased land. We manage a shared-use certified commercial kitchen and ag processing facility at Kalena Triangle. We have installed feral animal control fencing and conducted invasive species removal in the upper Kipahulu valley to protect the native forest biodiversity and source of fresh water and life. And we have developed and are implementing our Malama I Ke Kai community-based marine management plan, including the application in process with the Division of Aquatic Resources to designate Kipahulu as a Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Area.
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