Kalaweit is a non-profit organization (French law 1901) created in 1998. The founder of the project is "Chanee" is a young Frenchman passionate by primates. Kalaweit means "Gibbon" in Dayak (language of the natives of Borneo), while "Chanee" also means gibbon, but in Thai language. Kalaweit mission is the conservation of gibbons and their environment in Indonesia. It’s the world biggest conservation project for these primates. In Indonesia, forests are burnt down by palm oil companies, leaving little chance to the wildlife. Furthermore, young Gibbons are kidnapped to be used as pets, and their parents killed. But then, reaching sexual maturity, they become violent and, in turn, often killed by their owners. Gibbons and orangutans are endangered species, but, unlike orangutans, there was no conservation program for gibbons before Kalaweit initiative in Borneo and Sumatra (Indonesia). Kalaweit is sponsored by the French actress and humorist Muriel Robin.
In Indonesia, Kalaweit :
- Rescue illegally possessed gibbons. Some of them will be released immediately, while the majority will stay in Kalaweit rehabilitation centers. These centers offer the most appropriate life conditions for gibbons: vast cages with quarantine integrated, distant one from each other to limit stress between gibbons.
- Buy forest areas to create wildlife reserves that allow wild gibbons population and other animals to live safely on a long term basis.
- Ensure monitoring and surveillance of its reserves with equestrian and aerial patrols (paramotor and drone).
- Educate and sensitize local population with its Kalaweit FM broadcast – entertaining radio on air in Borneo, a TV show “Kalaweit Wildlife Rescue” – broadcasting on Metro TV, one of the biggest TV channels in Indonesia. Furthermore, the Kalaweit application gives to smartphone users the opportunity to follow its latest news, watch its aerial patrols, make donations or alert on animals illegally possessed.
Website : www.kalaweit.org
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