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Mission Statement

Island Nature Trust acquires lands on Prince Edward Island to be held in trust for future generations. We manage our lands to maintain or restore ecological integrity and also help willing private landowners to do the same.
We envision an Island with wild places, where our children can see what we once had and what we can have again with hard work, commitment and time.


Island Nature Trust was established in 1979 to protect and conserve natural areas on Prince Edward Island. We now own or lease over 4,000 acres, including off-shore islands, hardwood, softwood and mixed-wood forests, wetlands and coastal shores. These lands are protected permanently.
  • Acquire land with representative natural ecosystems, through donation and purchase
  • Manage our properties to retain and restore their ecological values
  • Assist private landowners to manage and protect their own properties
  • Monitor and protect species-at-risk on the Island
  • Deliver numerous nature education programs to children and adults
We operate through our own fund-raising initiatives which range from an annual dinner and auction, to applications for specific project-based funding, to government and non-government sources. We operate as a not-for-profit organization.

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P.O. Box 265
Charlottetown, PE C1A 7K4
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