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It was thirty-one years ago that IDA founders, Tim Hunter, and David Crawford noticed a shift in the quality of the night. Light was encroaching on the natural darkness and threatening our pristine skies. A small community of amateur and professional astronomers speaking on behalf of dark skies soon attracted the attention of others. The night, it turns out, is for more than just the stars. Entomologists, educators, artists, doctors, ecologists, and others quickly joined the chorus. IDA grew, expanded, became stronger and more organized.
Our focus is to lead a worldwide movement of nighttime conservation by leveraging our position as the recognized authority on light pollution. To do this, we will strategically focus our efforts on empowering and enhancing IDA Chapter leaders and grassroots advocates who are working on the ground to raise awareness about the issue. We see our role as serving this network of advocates by providing resources, education, and training to these passionate supporters who will use the information we provide to change their communities, and ultimately the world.

Mission Statement

The International Dark-Sky Association protects the night from light pollution for present and future generations.

Program Details

Protecting special places: Landowners, governmental agencies, and conservation organizations look to IDA to preserve and protect the natural night through the award-winning International Dark Sky Places Program. By following IDA guidelines, International Dark Sky Places serve as tangible examples of a world without light pollution. International Dark Sky Places inspire communities and support cultural connections to our natural night skies. As our local chapters expand and strengthen, we are projecting continued robust growth in the IDSP program. We estimate that the number of designated places will increase from 144 to 180 by the end of 2021.
Investing in Science and Policy: Our Public Policy program provides evidence-based information to persuade decision-makers to transform society. The program's advisors and staff develop and communicate solution-oriented, evidence-based positions related to the mitigation of light pollution. These positions provide the necessary guidance to IDA members, Chapters, and grassroots advocates to ensure that the network of advocates is working under strategies known to be successful in meeting our mission. We develop model policy documents that volunteer grassroots advocates can use in their local communities, including an updated model lighting ordinance, and model legislation for use at the state level.
Empowering Chapters and Grassroots Advocates: Our chapter program has grown organically over the past thirty years. We continue to invest in building the chapter program and providing them the tools and resources to be more effective. In addition, we are establishing relationships with international chapters through cooperative agreements. Together, these investments enable us to speak with one voice while being responsive to local conditions. We conduct a program of monthly workshops and training programs to increase the capacity of chapters to drive change locally and will continue to provide opportunities for Chapter leaders and grassroots advocates to engage with one another to share tips and resources.

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